Wet and dry body scrub

body scrub: the commercial products have the same waste- problems as described for the facial peeling. Make your own safe and nourishing products instead 🙂

Wet salt scrub: I make my own in a wide glass jar, easy to open in the shower or tub. ingredients are: fine sea salt, olive oil (or other preferred oil), water and a few drops of essential oil. The consistency should be like a thick porridge. the amount of salt will be almost the same as the ready content. It is sufficient with just a few tbs of water, to moisten the content. The amount of oil is often a bit less than you think – try out, and add more salt if needed. When you add the essential oil, be careful not to add too much as well. You just need a hint.. 😉 Scrub your body in circles. Shower off afterwards. No need for moisturizer after this! Sea salt also have the great property of discharging tensions. A great treat after a tiering day at work. It will also help with a foot bath with sea salt if you don´t feel like a shower / bath.

Body Brushing

Dry body brushing – this is a routine I do almost every day, especially in the winter months. I use it to get rid of dry skin cells, and it makes my skin glowing and is great help for the blood circulation and to get really warm in the early mornings. I learnt it from a Jane Alexander book: “detox for body, mind and spirit”. Our skin is our largest organ, and a great organ to get rid of toxic sluggishness. Dry body brushing stimulates this ability, and stimulates the lymphatic system and give many health benefits. There are many ways to do this, depending on what aim you have. I learnt it like this: You need a clean body and a brush with natural bristles. This routine takes about 5 minutesI usually do it after a shower – knowing I´m going to brush afterwords, it is no need for taking long showers to get warm in the morning. After drying, I start brushing from the soles of my feet and move up towards the heart in long strokes. The soles of your feet and the hands are the only parts that are brushed outward. Brush with long strokes up both your legs, your butt and back. Stomach is brushed in circles from left to right. This will also stimulate your digestion. Then brush your palms outwards, and continue the long strokes trough your arms, pits, right chest and end with the left, where your heart is. Be carful with the nipples – sensitive skin. It can feel hard to do at first because the bristles are a bit hard (mine is made from cactus fibres) but soon you´ll get used to it, and be coveret with a delightful tingling warm sensation. This way of getting rid of excess skin-cells also eliminates the need for using moisturizer too often! It is as if the skin gets the stimuli it need to take care of itself.


This is a good routine if you want to stimulate the lymphatic system.


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