Personal care – home made Deodorant

O yes this is personal stuff. We all have our different needs and habits. In the following posts I will assemble some of my most environmental friendly, health caring habits.

I try to make most of my cosmetic products myself. Why? Because many of todays diseases – especially cancer and disturbed hormones – are connected to the cosmetic products we indulge ourselves in every day. There is also a lot of environmental harming chemicals / micro plastic in these products that pollutes our lakes and all its creatures. Last but not least it is very easy to make yourself! Or maybe  you find out you don´t actually need them…  How many products do you normally use during the day?

The most interesting discussion might be why all these harmful products are on the market and why it is so difficult to find safe products. How did it turn out this way? I really don´t know. But what it reminds me of, is the medical industry – where there is a constant flow of scientific new data and chemicals made (mostly) For the best for us. Then it is put out on the market after some trials. But it is not until the drug has been used for several years, that one really can see the effect they have on us. Maybe 10 years – or 20. Maybe they´ll be withdrawn from the market and being replaced by something less harmful. But it takes a lot of time to find out. Meanwhile it is quite obscure for us consumers to find out what is put in our hands. This is why I prefer to do things basic as possible.

Deodorant. If you take a look at the ingredient list of a regular one you´ll probably won´t know what 2 / 3 of them are. I don´t know too much about them either. There are a few chemicals I recognize, because of their negative effect i have read about on our health: Aluminium Chlorhydrate (klick on the word, it is a link). This has a connection to breast cancer. Especially for people (most women) who also shave their armpits. No products containing aluminium should be in contact with your body – especially not every single day. After the studies came out, many companies have swapped this chemical for others in the aluminium family. Just stay away from these. Typically found in most roll ons. Triclosan. This is mostly found in the solid deo sticks, but also in many other products – like toothpaste, soaps and bath mats – even in toys! It is a hormone disturbing chemical used for its antibacterial properties. It is also found to harm when let out in nature. Another reason to stay away from this chem is that it is used extensively at hospitals during surgery. You might imagine: if you smere  your armpits with this every day, it is a great chance the time you need a surgery – you might be immune to the agent they use to keep you from having infections.

After being aware of this, I started using the crystal deo. It is a natural mineral. But checking it a bit more- its chemical name is: Potassium alum. A type of aluminium. (KAl(SO4)2 × 12H2O). Ok better drop this one too.

Have you tried not wearing a deo? Maybe you’ll need a refreshing in the middel of the day, but there is a great chance nobody will notice you are “naked”! I myself have a quite strong smell, so I usually only go without when it is for a short meeting or if it is ok to be a bit smelly. 😉

My best answer I got from my beloved sister Tuva. It is a home made deo cream, astonishing effective! It keeps you dry and non-smelly all day. And guess what – it is made from only two safe ingredients: extra virgin coconut oil and baking soda! It is the easiest thing to make: Blend together 2 tbs of each. Keep in a beautiful jar (magic tic to be happy to use your own home made stuff) . If you like to have a nice scent, make some research and find an essential oil suitable for you. Cedar wood oil is a natural deodorizing oil, but should not be used if you are pregnant. It is also one of the very few oils that is safe to put undiluted on your skin. You can actually use it as a deodorant just as it is. Lemongrass oil is another natural deodorizing oil, but this is quite strong – must be diluted, in a base oil or in the magic coconut deodorant. It has a lovely fragrance … There are many lush and useful natural fragrances to try out. Just make sure it is suitable for you before applying on your skin.


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  1. I need to try this!

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