Your own Bee wrap

Bee wrap is a waxed piece of cloth you can use to wrap your food –  for lunch, in your fridge: everything you use to wrap in hormone disturbing plastic (except meat and fish, for these I use glass-jars). To cover raising dough when baking bread etc. It is reusable for months and can be washed and re-waxed if it feels ok to use  it more, or composted when you want to finish it off. beeswax is naturally antiseptic.

You can find it sold commercially, but it is fairly easy to make yourself, a lot cheaper, nicer patterns fitting your personality! and have a more neutral smell than the bee wrap products you can buy. Not to forget: As you are making them it is easy to make many – it is great for gifts.


I learned this from the Norwegian zero waste blog – oh I love this! It has given me so much inspiration and tips how to make our own every day products and reduce waste.

What you need to make them:

some pieces of thin 100% natural cloth; cotton or linen. Preferably with some patterns  (it will conceal uneven waxing)

Natural beeswax. I get mine in pellets-form, smartest to buy from your local honey- central or bee-keeper.

Tools for making it:

:Beeswax is sticky and makes marks it is difficult to get rid of. I have sacrificed one baking tray and one clothes hanger for this purpose. If you can´t get hold of the pellets-wax, it might be you´ll have to use a rasper as well, to get it into small pieces (in this case; make sure the wax is cold. Warm wax is difficult to rasp). It is possible to clean, but will take some effort.

An oven. A scissor.


How to make it:

Wash the fabric first. If it is new, it will contain chemicals from the industrial process.

Cut your cloth in your preferred sizes. I like them in different, it is nice to have some small for just an egg or a small piece of cheese. For 1 -2 sandwiches 25 *40 cm is good, and for bigger lunch  40 *60 cm is a nice size. Take a look in your fridge and see what sizes you normally use for covering things.

Heat your oven to 180 degrees C . Put a piece of cloth on your baking  tray and spread the pellets ca evenly.


It will melt quite quick; 5 – 10 minutes. Take it out and hang it on your hanger to dry. 2 minutes and it is ready. Easy!

You can adjust the amount of wax with another round in the oven. If you had to little some places put on some more, or put an extra piece of dry cloth under if you got too thick layer on some. You´ll figure it out.


How to take care of it:

I store mine in a nice box. After use I wash it gently in cold or luke warm water. Warm water will rinse off the wax.

If necessary I use a mild detergent soap to get rid of smell. As the wax is antiseptic, soap is not a must to keep clean, but i love mustards and well matured cheeses, so it is nice to clear it up some times.

If it stays nice but looses some wax, give it another round in the oven with waxing.



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