“Einerlåg” is the name of the traditionally juniper – brew. It is used for cleaning (antiseptic), both floors, pots and hair! For hair wash it is used as a last rinse, after toweling. It makes the hair soft and shiny, and of course it is a lice repellent. And it is very good for the scalp, the dandruff disappears!

It has the exquisite and luxurious smell of something expensive and totally pure too. Almost too good to be true…

And it is wonderfully easy to make: cut off some fresh juniper branches -preferably without berries, as the smell of them attract insects.. Cut them in pieces, put in a pot and fill with water. Use a stone to keep them under. Boil up, and simmer for two hours. Sieve it, and store in sterilized bottles…



The funny thing, how I came across this, was from the local church magazine. An old man told his memories of the great grand mother adding a bit of sugar to the brew, and after two weeks or so, it turned into a low alcohol juniper – beer. Served only for christmas, but it was for everyone to drink, also the children. Here in the east, close to the Swedish border, known as “Bruse”.

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