Garden of Alliums

One of the first things I learnt from Stephen, was about his Alliums. His garden is full of them! It was a bit strange at first – why all these different onions and leeks? Sure, they are fascinating, many different leaves and roots – and taste. But his garden has them everywhere, much more than a man can eat! It wasn´t until I saw his Allium album on  Facebook, I truly understood his passion. They have soooo many different and astonishing ways of growing, and flowering! All sizes and colours. And some start to bloom in february, others in september – it is a constant show.. I got permission to post some of them – I can´t include them all, because this album is nearly 600 pictures! 😀

One evening we dug up and prepared several allium – packages he was taking to the capital. One was a collection for the Botanical garden in Oslo; containing very old nordic allium varieties, – which Stephen has gathered over the years.


(Click on the small pictures, and they´ll get bigger)





Another package was for “Vulkan” – mathallen in Oslo. They wanted an edible flower bed, in the colours of the rainbow!


The last package was for a market gardening who wanted to try out some new (old Norwegian) types of alliums.


It was astonishing to see how easy it was to travel with all those plants. For preparation we just rinsed the roots in water, and wrapped them in damp paper towels. Put them in a plastic bag, then they where ready to go!

DSC_0044Some of his special collection in buckets..

The great variation of forms are a result of acquiescing to  the different geographic areas, and their biological conditions. The juicy ones with big leaves usually comes from the northern areas with some rainfall, while other thinner and drier ones comes from mountain areas or desert areas.

Then: Here comes some of his own photos from the gardens alliums:

A big warm thank you, for sharing those great photos!

“Are you writing a post about Alliums? How long are you going to stay here. You could write about Alliums the rest of your life!”

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