Spring, I´m in love

The first warm spring day. What a glory! I send you some photos of our first flowers….


Blue anemones – Hepatica nobilis – is one of the first signs of spring here. They only thrive in calcareous soil, and therefore thrive very well here on the east coast, but is not existing in the west.

DSC00840 Witch hazel – flowering plants in the family Hamamelidaceae, flowers on bare twig already in early February! This is a young tree in our school garden.


What a surprise! I got a heap of leeks when my practice ended in the botanical garden, and this lovely little Iris came last week.


Winter Iris..

DSC_0010Innocent beauty.. Crocus, also a gift from the botanical garden in Stavanger.


Very beautiful, very poisonous. The Daphne flowers now in march.


Another flowering bush now, is the Viburnum farreri – it is so sweet! And it smells of mild lotion.

DSC_0029The blue Scilla – shows up all over on the lawn -and everywhere else these happy days.


And the last one for today – the white anemone! Usually we don´t see them until april – may, so this must be an early pearly!


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