Tulip rescue

Spring is early this year, and the starting tulips are eager to grow! Last winter was so cold, they wouldn’t come out at all…

But with the fresh and crisp leaves, there are someone enjoying them as salad! It is the deers.

DSC_0027 Then what to do?

I learnt that the deers don´t like the taste of garlic an chili, but the plants don´t mind… So, go ahead, make a super-strong tea out of it:


And brush your beloved tulips with it.

DSC_0057 Put the rest on a bottle, you will need it again, if there is a rain shower, or after a weeks time.

DSC_0060 This can also be used to keep away bugs from your crop in the summer! It´s a winner

At school, my gardening teacher told me that often, no matter what trick you do to get rid of them, they will get used to it, and start to graze again anyhow. The best thing to do, is to introduce new methods now and then… Today: The human hair.


Yes who would like to eat salad with bunches of hair in it! And the smell of humans around….

Trick nr. three: urine. A bit the same effect as the hair. Some says male urine has more testosterone in it, and smells the most scary. Some places you can even buy wolf shit to scare diners away!

Trick nr. four: Place small bowls with blood meal around – the smell scares off the deers. you can also just spread it around – after all it is used as fertilizer…

And by then, I hope the tulips have safely bloomed!  Tell me if you have any other tricks up your sleeve. I would love to hear them.

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One thought on “Tulip rescue

  1. Thanks for good advices, sister 🙂 I hope my tulips are still fine when we arrive our home tomorrow. Hopefully the strong smell of petrol oil and diesel from my husbands machines keeps the deers away. Hugs from me and my tulips ❤

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