New beginnings

Spring is here again, and this year we have big plans for the garden. We want to try out all kinds of vegetables! I´m very curious to try out some old sorts indigenous to the nordic areas. Some flowers and ornamental stuff – seeds I gathered last autumn, Hm.. quite a lot actually, let´s see how far we get…

It is still snowing occasionally, so we start inside.. The indoor plants needs renewal as well! Some wants bigger pots, the geranium and  likes to get some rough cuttings, and I make seedlings to make new plants later. Other plants – like the Tradescantia albifloraDSC_0261 I just cut in pieces, and put many cuttings in a new and bigger pot..


And then it is time to sow! I allready started in January, since the Rhodochiton atrosanguineus is soooo slow to grow… First it takes about a month for it to sprout, and then it takes ages for it to develope further… Exited about the result!


 Others are a bit qicker…
from left: Echinacea purpurea, Viola tricolor, paprika, cellery, tagetes, more Viola tricolor, Helenium aromaticus, and tomatoes….
A few weeks later… Soon it is time to replant
My other new discovery, is to plant left over sprouts!  Often when I sprout it gets to a point when I don´t really want to eat them anymore. They have come too far, maybe started to smell.. Then I read in a book: just plant the left overs, and soon you´ll have a delicious homegrown salad in your windowsill… I think it is quite genius.
DSC_0251new planted old babies…
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