Putting the garden to bed

When we arrived back home, it had already been a week of frost, down to minus 5 degrees. We still had the pleasure of harvesting the potatoes, carrots, cale and squash…

DSC_0200DSC_0212DSC_0263The lovely carrots are a mix of colours! This is how they where originally. But at some point in history the Netherlands started to produce just orange carrots – for the king I suppose. And that my friend, is why there now is only orange carrots to buy.  Oh I love the purple ones. And the white.. What an exquisite taste!

DSC_0274… But the garden was otherwise quite frosty and turned a bit slimy and soft. It was time to put it down, for this season and for the winter.

It made me feel very thankful – doing the last weeding, chopping down the withering greens. Harvesting seeds.. It has given us so much JOY!

The beans are superb nitrogen food for next year. I cut them up, and put them under the mulch. This way the plants comming up next spring will have some yummi to start with.


Garden ready for sleep.. Only some cale and Marygold still awake.


Then it is time to slow down…

And to start planning next year, little by little.

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3 thoughts on “Putting the garden to bed

  1. Caroline on said:

    Yes, I harvested the remaining beet root, on Thursday, when I got back from Eidsfoss. We’ll be eating beet root everything for maybe a two weeks(?) Needless to say, whatever comes out of us will be beet root coloured 🙂

    • Ah 🙂 Hoho!Yes.. we found a solution with all the squash, I made some lovely jam from it, with ginger and raisins.. I was starting to get stuffed with having it for dinner every day – I found out about the jam a little too late. But NEXT year I´ll do more conserving!

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