The Botanical Garden

Whole of July I spent working in the botanical garden of Stavanger. It´s a lovely place to spend time. There are so many beautiful and mysterious plants, I love to work here, because i notice something new all the time.

I just want to share some of them..

DSC_0017I love the Gunnera`s! The big ones; Gunnera tinctora are edible, they taste like lemon! Unfortunately the hard winter almost killed them this year.. But this little fellow here, made it with no problem. They are both from south America.

DSC_0024Eryngium giganteum – the bees favourite!

DSC_0029Thalictrum – a tall beauty

DSC_0036Some Iris..


DSC_0055This one too..

DSC_0060Four stages of the gigantic blue bell..

DSC_0062Eryngium alpinum

DSC_0077From the rockeries


DSC_0072Sedum lydium with friends

DSC_0091Allium and Cosmos


DSC_0119Araucaria araucana with south American lily

DSC_0115And the secret surprise: The fantastic Electric daisy! It doesn´t look too good, but it is edible, and was used by north american indians as anesthesia – it feels a bit like licking a 9 volts battery, leaving you with a very refreshing tingeling feeling. Fantastic in sorbets, and as garniture…

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