The wonders of life

DSC_0073This is how it looked like a few weeks later – Things have happened!

We could already harvest mangold, some cale, and the weeds – a littlebit of weeding is nessasery, even with a thick mulch layer of straw. It will eventualy exhaust, and stop – if you keep picking. And for us, most of the weeds are food too! Fat hen (Chenopodium album), chickweed – both exellent in  salad as well as used as spinach. Sticky willy  (Galium aparine)- very good if you dehydrate and have as tea.

May be you´ll think “What is she growing in there. Isn´t there any kind of system?” No.. There isn´t really. Erik calls it the chaos garden. But I know what everything is, and all is edible. The flowers inbetween helps attract pollinators, and the squashes are placed on the ends. They need – and take – a lot of space.

I had also planted some scallions from the store. Just use the green as usual, plant the roots, and all of a sudden you have a new bunch of them. You can do the same with most kinds of salad you buy, as long as they have roots, they will come up again after you have cut of their leaves. Magic!

DSC_0146Well – after a while it got a bit crowded in there. Especially with the borage. And I didn´t really know how to use it, I wanted it mostly for nostalgic reasons, we had it in our garden when I was a kid. The flowers are great, it can be used to flavour water, in salads and even on desserts. And the insects love them!


In full sun they grow into thick bushes… Making big shadows for the neighbouring plants. I read in a book that you can use peeled stem and finely chopped / blanched leaves. (They have a lot of tiny spikes…)


DSC_0118Thick size.. In the book it said that it´s common to eat in southern Europe, but then they grow them close together, making the stems long and tender. This one here is full of hard fibers..

DSC_0120After.. Yes!  Light!


There was a lot of food in just one plant. And it came out pretty tasty! Raw with a dash of lime, I have never tasted such a crispy fresh vegetable before. And it kept fine in the fridge for a good week.

Other fantastic good stuff:  The potatoes started blooming. We got them in the ground around mid june, quite late.. But no problem.


We where a bit early to dig up some, just couldn´t resist..DSC_0159DSC_0160Yummi!! New potatoes with sage, butter and salt, + stewed mangold.


This crazy queen  grows like nothing else. And more is comming..DSC_0180

Very tasty broad beans / fava


It gives the best fast food ever! Takes one minute to make.DSC_0188 DSC_0190Thanks!

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