A new place; How to make a garden in no-time when there isn´t time

Hello again! Long time, lots have happened… I started Gardening school in Oslo, living in the middle of the city… Then we found out that if I am going to become a gardener, I need to be in a garden!

So we started looking for a place in the countryside… And suddenly it was all there – – it was May, and perfect time to move out of the concrete jungle. It´s a really old place. The house is built in 1852, and already have a beautiful garden. Best thing to do the first year, is just wait and see what is popping up 🙂

We had of course allready started nursing some plants in our small apartement, and was eager to make a veggiegarden… Luckily, our landlord is a very helpful organic farmer. His main crop is wheat and oats. One day, arriving from work, he had plowed a long row for us, in one of his fields- to make the garden.DSC_0113It was a bit late in the season to start, Erik was away, and I worked really long days. But hey, no time to waste!

The first thing to do, was to make a little plan. What kind of plants did we want in the garden? I ordered some seeds, and started nursing on the veranda.


For the vegetable garden, we sowed Mangold, cale, fava beans, marygold, nasturtiums and borage.. summer courgettes and winter squash.

DSC_0219Cale and courgettes…

I really wanted to try make my own synergic garden (as described in previous post)! But how? We don´t have a car, and will need quite a lot of straw..

After some days of pondering, I decided to visit the neighbour farm, to say hello, and ask for help. And what help I got! I could take all the cow manure I needed, and he had some leftover straw that was too poor quality for his beautiful cows to eat, but would be good enough for me. He was just happy to get rid of it, and even drove a big heap over with the tractor ❤ I gave him a blueberry pie and got to work! Happy as could be.

DSC_0213We did´nt think too much about the design, just took the  first and best idea that came to mind. A bit corny, YE! But it worked!

Day 1: (well, actually it was all evenings, after eight…) Erik cleared the soil from weeds and roots. Day 2: made the design, got the beds ready! Day 3: planted the tiny plants we had allready nursed. 1 – 2 – 3 !

DSC_0234 DSC_0236 DSC_0239 DSC_0244Over: very tired and happy! Under: Rainbow Mangold ready to go

DSC_0247Then it´s just to let time pass and watch the plants grow…

DSC_0251The extra row to the right is a potato bed Erik put together some days later… Hang on!

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2 thoughts on “A new place; How to make a garden in no-time when there isn´t time

  1. Caroline on said:

    Great to see some pics of your place and garden.

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