Seed gathering

Autumn has come

and with it, the joyful collecting of what hopefully will grow into new plants, next year.

In Sardinia, Fran showed me a good technique to perserve seeds. The most important thing is that they are very dry, so they don´t rot! And they should be planted the year after. If you are going to preserve seeds for an extended period of time, the best way to make sure they´ll survive, is to plant them… and gather new seeds every year. She is connected to a seedsaver group, to save the seeds of almost extinct plants – she is caring for a ancient type of grain used for flour, planting and caring for them. This way the seed amount will also increase…

Here comes her way to keep seeds well.. You need : dry seeds, a clean jar with lid, small cotton piece with a drop of alcohol (to burn) and fire.

1. Put the dry seeds in the jar. 2. The little piece of cotton with alcohol is lit on fire, put on top in the jar, and the lid turned on immediately… The heat from the flame will create vakuum, and die so quickly it won´t harm the seeds. Keep in room temperature. (Some say cold, but fridges are too moist, and not all seeds like to be frozen..) and 3. Mark the jar…

Book ” Starting from seed – The natural gardeners guide to propagating plants” Pictures below where shot in the Botanical garden of Oslo, NO.

Fox Amaranth plant ready to be harvested..

Love these pink delicious seeds!

When I was little, my grandmother used do grow pumpkins in her garden. Then I could find seeds she had gathered just laying around in the house. It was a mystery to me.

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