Animal helpers

In permaculture it is usually a very good trick to let animals help you out with their fantastic skills – meaning things they like to do anyway! And of course they give you free manure at the same time.

A classic: horse / goat / donkey / sheep / cows are experts on grasscutting. Especially goats and donkeys are experts in clearing up ereas covered by fex. brambles. Its astonishing what they are capable of eating!

Domingo doing his stuff on a terrace at Mizarela

If you are making beds for plants, chicken´s the thing. Make a tractor for them, and they will stay in one place, scratching up the earth, and make it soft and easy to remove roots. Oh! And I allready told you about the chicken run / fruit orchard concept in this previous post.

Duarte taking the Ladys home after a day in the tractor

One bed is ready! Easy to clear out just with the bare hands.

and then, if you have bigger ereas to plow… Pigs LOVE plowing!

NB! Some pigs get very very big when they grow up, and are very adventurous… Bridget told us they needed six men just to move them, two pigs who loved to take off and play. But look! here is a place it worked..

And last but not least… The help from the wild animals and insects…

Predators who help bring down the pests. On this illustration you see: Martin bird, Parasitic wasp, Lace wing fly, and larvae. Lady bug, and larvae. Toad, snake, prayer mantis and spiders. Should also add the hedgehogs! They love eating slugs.

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