Growing Mushrooms!

This was so exiting thing to try; never done it before. It was the first time in the garden of the project as well. It will take about a year before they start to bloom.. or fruit..? We did the wood growing Shiitake.

Laura had ordered dowel spawns with shiitake mycelium from the net. Marko had fresh logs ready. Fresh logs are important, because old logs are most likely allready full of other fungi mycelium.

Then I drilled about a hundred holes in the logs. Put the dowels in..

Melted the wax..

And sealed the holes.

Marko had dug a big pit in the ground, wrapped all the logs in a big plastic sheet, and then covered them with earth again.

Then it´s time to wait. About 6 months, so the mycell get the chance to grow well into the logs. Take them out, and wait another few months – – and the mushrooms will fruit out of the logs!

Ho ho!

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3 thoughts on “Growing Mushrooms!

  1. Caroline on said:

    Wow, I gotta try that!

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