Improve soils.. worms & liquid manure


Exiting and soil helping. Glen in portugal told me he used to farm in a little flat in New York… Imagine that! -” It´s great! You can give them to your friends, to put them in their plants.. You should do it, it´s cool!”   Woho!

This exerpt is  from Francescas permaculture bible. They farmed worms, but gee it was difficult to find a hole in their garden without anyone allready living there…

Supposably very easy to do / hold, and they help you a lot in the garden! Keeping the soil in perfect condition; nutrious and airy. Making the best for your plants.

The organic waste you can´t use to feed the worms, Because they don´t eat very hard or strong food like eggshells, meat, bones, citrus, nutshells, onionpeel and other hard things, Fran made something called “SPONGE”.. It´s like compost, but simpler..

Dig a big hole in a slope, preferably above anything that need some extra greenmanuring.. Then you make a little channel going down to the garden. Put branches and other garden waste in it. Then you can put all of the foodwaste you want, and another layer of garden waste.  When it rains, it will manure your garden through the drain, and you can even use it as a trampoline! Like a big sponge.


other ways to make greenmanure / tea for your garden…

Put weeds in a big drum of water. Keep it for about 2 weeks, it will start to stink.. Then the tea is ready. Dillute it 1:5 with water, and it´s ready to nurture your plants.

Another trick to impreove the soil, especially around frut trees, is to plant – again, this magic Comfrey (Symphytum) here and there – near a tree trunk is good, if you want to help a tree. Comfrey have very deep roots. It takes up minerals from deep down, helping the other plants around to benefit from these. You can also cut the plant and use as mulch, giving the minerals to the top layer of the soil.

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