Synergic / synergetic / synergistic gardening

This travel is all about taking a sniff on different kinds of organic farming, and learning a bit here and there. In the garden og Francesca and Antonio, Capo Comino, they have a big (ca 10 m) synergetic garden in the shape of a flower!

It is difficult to get a good photo of the flower, since it´s so BIG! This is from above the petals.

In it they grow all kinds of vegetables; salads, and greens. The metal sticks you can see here and there are for climbing plants like peas, courgettes and aubergines.. They also grow flowers like marygold, which are great for attracting bees, and is said to confuse unwelcome isects who wants to lay their eggs there..

From wikipedia: “Synergistic gardening is a system of organic gardening, developed by Emilia Hazelip, and based on the work of Masanobu Fukuoka. The approach is a type of permaculture. After establishing the garden, there is no further digging, ploughing or tilling, and no use of external inputs such as manures and other fertilizers, or pesticides. Soil health is maintained by the selection of plants, mulching, and recycling of plant residues.”

A very sweet film about synergetic gardening, in the tradition of Emilia Hazelip

We started to make another smaller garden in the shape of an insect, close to the flower.

The soil had been prepared with a big blanket, covering the erea for about a year, to avoid the weeds and grass from growing. Then we turned the soil with hoes to take out all roots and big stones. This we did twice, to make sure the soil was cleared. Ended up singing a song about Graminja Regina (the grass queen) since the roots where all over the place! And even small  bits from the roots grow into new grass again.

Then we started to shape something like a dragon fly… We named it the Lullaby.  Next step; the one and only fertilizing…. We made a depression in the form, and filled it with animal manure (gathered from the grazings around). Closed it, and.. The beds are done!

Then put up the irrigation system. “The black anaconda” – pipes with  a line of holes to water. Found two wheels for the eyes… Daniella came over to help, here she is the tail

Covered the whole thing with a 20 cm thick layer of dry hay (without seeds!). In between the beds you can put about anything that is dry and without seeds. What you see in front is old pieces of a big cacti… The stones are usefull for making all kinds of walls and decoration.

Ready to plant!

Here is their simple but very efficient homemade nursery.  This is where the sacred journey of the vegetables begins.. From seeds to small plants.

And in the end, one of the best things are when preparation of food is comming up… To just step into the flower and pick whatever we want to eat.. It´s genious.

Every sunday Fran and Anton have a stand on the organic marked in Nuoro, selling their crop. Soon starts the fruit season too!

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