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This has been a special journey learning how to use wild plants. I have always loved eating them, and here I learnt even more. Weeds are usually very strong plants, and usually can keep up to two weeks in the fridge doing well. They are nutritius, and are happy plants – because they grow places they want to grow, where they thrive. And I guess it is a boost for the immune- system, consuming some bacterias from your sorroundings!

Starting  in the garden of Tiziana and Lamberto, Sardinia, near Alghero. Among the trees appears a lot of wild plants, that are edible and with medical value. They are not planted, but have spread from the wild. Tiziana teaches me about some of them.

Then, in the garden of Francesca and Antonio at Capo Comino. Fran imediately took me a tour around and thaught me even more. I see some of the same plants as in Alghero, in a later stage.

Ending up in the middel of Portugal, in the mountains, in a community where they always pick a big green salad for lunch and dinner only made from weeds! Yummy!

But first of all:

NB!!!                                                                                                                               It is extremely important to have good familiarity with the plants before you eat them. There are many toxic plants, some give wounds or blisters, and some have very strong medical effect that can be dangerous if eaten without knowing the amount.

Get in contact with people you can learn from (there are wild -plant Associations), and study books.

A link for a Norwegian association, having different courses through the year in different regions:

Here is one of Tizianas books, well illustrated and very informative about medical uses.

Maria Treben was an Austrian woman known for bringing herbal medicine back to  everyday use; folk medicine, for all people to be able to help them selves. It is translated into many languages and has recipes for creams, teas, tinctures etc.

Then the plants….

Mallow – The leaves can be eaten raw, and if chewed well they are good for the gums and teeth. You can make tea from them..



This tea calmes down the intestines and digestion.

This long stalk in the middle, is wild asparagus. They are delicious! They don´t grow very thick, but quite long – this has maby come a little bit too far…

Use as baby asparagus.

This is wild fennel. It is very invasive, and hard to get rid of in the garden, once it has got a grip.. They are tiny at the base, but the foliage is great as seasoning.

Then there is the wild peas… They cover everything here, if it´s not cut down in summer. Leave some, they are tasty!

And peas are nitrogen fixers for the soil, if you cut them before they get their pods. Both tasteful, and useful!

Francesca shows me: This is the roots of broad beans in flower. They have the same nitrogen fixing qualities as peas. The little balls you can see on these roots, are the nitrogen! When they start to get pods, the plant will use it all again. But if you cut them before, the plant will give it back to the soil, easy for other plants around to use.

These myrtle berries are not wild, but they also grow in the wild here. You can use them for most berry things, like jams, crumbles, liqueur… They are a little bitter, a taste I find favored a lot in Italy.

Mint. Very invasive, and icy crispy taste..

This plant I thaught was a wild fennel, but Lamberto and Tiziana told me this is very poisonous. It smells aromatic and nice, but can kill a cow! It is called Ferola in Italian.

Below; Ferola  going into seeding stage.

This is about 2.5 m high! Although poisonous, Ferola have some great properties as material…

Ferola has a dense core, reminds of balsa wood. Found this stool on the market.. Even the nails are made from wood!

wild marigold! ( Calendula) Endless uses..

The delicious sour taste of sorrel… Eat raw, or try to fry it with garlic, as a side dish for fish.. Mmm!

Chickweed! Did´nt think you could eat this, did you? A green earthy taste. Raw or cooked.(Stellaria media L.)

Thistles are very useful for other plants to have around. They increase some kind of mineral…

This common weed grows so many places, and is delicious as soup.
Ground Elder.







































I don´t know the name of these small wild beans,(do you?) But I remember I used to eat the flowers and the pods as a child. Fran uses it a lot in salads, at the moment they grow everywhere..

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4 thoughts on “incredible edible

  1. Be careful to taste any plant that is in any way uncommon to you my girl! Some fungi can be extremely and deadly poisenous (f.i. the quite common (in Norway) Cortinarius rubellus (giftslørsopp)that in earlier times was used to poisen Wolves, will spoil the renes and leed to death within ten days time, even if you can feel no poisenous effect the first days after eating it). Other herbs can also be deadly in relatively small amounts. Knowledge must lead your acts in this field!

    Your anxious daddy.

  2. Thank you daddy 🙂 No quick eating impulses from me, I can assure you… That is true, one should only eat plants well known. I´lll edit the method..

    • Oh, and by the way. Tiz asked me how I got interested in wild plants in the first place, and I started to remember
      Back in the days when you picked me up in the kindergarden on the bicycle, stopping occasionally to look at plants and animals along the road.
      I remember my favourite then was Tormentil 🙂 – Tepperot; liked the funny name..

      Thanx a lot for that daddy!

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