Forest Garden

We visited Edie´s forest garden in Tuscany. A forest garden is simply described a garden designed and working as a forest. This is the most natural way for plants to grow; the opposite of monoculture. It is like you create a forest with plants that you like to eat.

Here comes a more acurate description, from the book

The concept was created by Robert Hart in Shropshire, England.

well, that´s silly. I just remember that this is the way most natives from jungles have been caring for food, clothes, medicines, constructing materials – and about everything else they needed. Planting along every path and for every travel, having different gardens around their camps. From the beginning of mankind, probably…  There has been studies on the biologic diversity on some of these ereas, and it turned out that the ereas with natives (humans) living, the diversity was about 75% higher than the ereas they did not use! (I´ve studied social anthropology some time ago, I´ll put a note when I find out which article I red it from.. Travelling…)

I see it as a beautiful way that humans are not only wiping out species, but also have the opertunity to increase the diversity. It is a question of managing the resources in a way that create more diversity in stead of less..

The movement is maybe also a kind of forestgardening, making cities into gardens!…

A link from wikipedia…:

Some photos from the plants in the garden. All though this is from early spring; so not too many flowers or crops at the time. But it´s a little impression..

Broom: This is used as a string, to tie up other plants. Instead of using string or plastic strips.

Mahonia – A well known ornamental, and with delicious berries.

An old cork tree that´s left unharvested for many years.

A space to enjoy the beauty

This is a part of the garden that is tangent with a camping. A high hedge of bamboo protects and spares the gaden from too much sound and noise from the outside.

Nut-producing crops are smart in a forest garden. This is Hazel.

Buds on the fig tree. Fruit trees is another good crop for forest gardens.

In addition to the forest garden, there was also a herb garden

a greenhouse with Aloe Vera

A Lavender garden used for destilling etherical oil

And even more.. But we ran out of film for the camera..

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