On the farm we don´t have too much contact with the world outside, so we try out different recipes. We mainly use seasonal food.. At the moment its abundance of citrus and avocados in the erea.

Bridget makes heavenly lemon meringue pai! For that we need to make wonderful lemon or grapefruit curd….

And peanutbutter isnt really something in Italy. Better make it ourselves.. Mash a heap of unsalted nuts, add great olive oil and some seasalt. Oh its too good!

Erik got a good hang of baking bread..

dough and cats!

6 beauties

Erik makes the best bread in B´s new gas oven.

And B has the coolest sprouter ever. It´s home made, and so easy :

a plank and some metal string

Then use some glass jars, make holes on the lid… And sprout away! No plastic 🙂

chickpeas and green lentil sprouts. And also sunflower seeds.. Very delicious!

I sprout like this: Put the peas / lentils in lunk warm water (heat it up! not from the tap) and soak for about 14 hrs. Rinse well, drain, and keep it in shadow. Rinse before use, after 2 – 3 days. Sunflower seeds can soak a bit less, and rinse more often – morning end evening. Ready in 1 – 2 days. When they are ready, they keep fresh in the fridge for some days more. Try to avoid eating those who have not sprouted…

Oh by the way. A link to sprouting gadget and all kind of seeds:

One day we pruned a hedge of Bay /Laurel. It smells so fantastic, and for us artic people its too exotic to just throw away…. So we brought some of it…And dried it at the stove

And now we have perfumed luggage and bey´s for years to come!

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